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Frozen Prince
Summary: Taisho, Sakura, Kaname, and JR wonderabout their papa's pastwhile babysittted by their Uncle Inuyasha and their papa's two advisors. While Inuyasha doesn’t know Sesshomaru’s past Sayen & Marie do. They know what caused him to be come cold hearted and harsh along with name Frozen Prince been born.

Black Rose
Thevpups learn about their parents' arranged marriage begin with their grandparents, InuTaisho, James and Lily Potter.
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Price of Guilt and Steps of Forgiveness
Summary: Moses decides to check on Cleo and finding Ramses’s son, Phoenix. The guilt is still there but lightens a bit after talking with the boy and learning that he had an older brother that willing to sacrifice himself. Angry with Ramses, Moses promise to visit when he can.
Price of Jealousy
Summary: Ramses angry with himself for screwing things up gets scolded by Moses’s friend, Shujaa, who he know realize where he seen him from. He gets the advice that he may want to take heed to if he wants Moses to forgive him.
Price of Anger
Summary: Anger over the information Shujaa given him, Ramses doesn’t see how everyone fears him and Moses still not talking to him. All he knows Moses’s belongs to him and no other. The cause of his anger makes him do a rash thing which his own son raises up.
Son’s Anger and Protectiveness
Summary: Phoenix beginning to hate his father becomes enrage when his father decide to get some guards to harm Cleo as Moses’s punishment. He does something that never done before stand up to his sire.
Price of Heir’s Rebellion
Summary: With Moses’s encouragement and pleading, Phoenix takes a horse and supplies along with Cleo running away from the palace. He won’t have his father harm this girl and vows to protect her at any cost. Even if it means losing his place at the throne and one of his many younger siblings to take his place.
Losing Moses’s Trust
Summary: Ramses didn’t heed Moses’s warning if he should harm his daughter. Ramses learns how much Moses truly changes after all these years. The plagues are nothing compare to the iciness around Moses. The former prince of Egypt doesn’t even look at him one bit or even in his presence other than force to if not in the gardens or near Shujaa’s cell.
Freedom at Last
Summary: Visited by his parents in a dream that finally open his eyes to the cruelty he been forced on Moses over the years in his care, Ramses  can see he’s truly alone and angry old man. He decides to grant Moses the happiness he deserves even if it’s not him and frees him. He only hopes that one day his own son may forgive him after his departure. It’s rather shocking that the years pass by before when a couple comes for both Shujaa and Moses brings tears of joy to their very eyes while Ramses’s heart stops.
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“Sebastian poo,” Grell squeals hands clasp together sends shivers down the raven demon butler’s spine while Ciel Phantomhive raise a brow and shakes his head.

“Here we go again,” he mutters taking a sip of tea enjoying the taste while watching the show between Sebastian and Grell.

The tension between them is stifling and annoying for him. He may be close being in his early teens and starting to find some individuals attractive. His fingers twitch as the ridiculous argument continues between them.

“Can’t they just go at it already,” Ciel grumbles only to have his companion to choke on his own drink.

“Really Ciel aren’t you too young to think that?” Soma ask, cheeks flushing slightly as the younger boy folds his arms over his chest.
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Saying nothing he shrugs a shoulder as his phone rings and an ear splitting grin appears. He grabs the phone answering, “About time you call, Dog breath.”

A deep chuckle could be heard from the phone follow by another male and female laughter. Gabriel tilts his head a bit wondering why the sounds of the three sound familiar but couldn’t place his fingers on it. He shakes it off settling to watch Sam as he continue his conversation.

“Really Winchester so impatient,” the gruff voice replies.

“Well it has been awhile since the gang meet,” Sam answers keeping half an eye on the occupants in the hotel room as they watch him.

“Not alone?” A female voice asks earning a soft warm smile to form on Sam’s lips to curl up while the gruff voice barks something about annoying siblings under his breath.

“Hn,” Sam grunts eyes twitching slightly while narrowing his brown eyes a bit before getting off his chair ready to head out of the room for some air.

“Damn it to Helheim!” the woman hisses over the phone follow by a different male voice hissing out.

“Not now Lena.”

“Who are you chatting with Sam,” Dean asks mildly hoping there aren’t any more secrets between them since there been so much hidden before that it left a gap between the two brothers..

“Some friends of mine,” Sam replies truthfully half on the phone listening to his friends’ complain and comment, “I’m going out. My turn to have a few days off until something comes up for a hunt.”
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“Good morning, mi Caro Angelo,” the husky velvet voice purrs in Harry’s ear causing the fifteen year old Gryffindor to look over his shoulder into the Italian Slytherin’s icy blue eyes glowing wickedly.
“Err, hey Blaise, right?” Harry greets unsure of this boy’s rightful identity.
“Yes,” hint of Italian accent creeps into Blaise’s voice making Harry to blush lightly at the sound of it.
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"I wish I had a friend…."


Harry looks up to the left finding a small raven hair boy around his age eating some type of fruit causing his stomach to growl. The smile mischievous in nature, holds out a hand is a red apple. Harry points a finger to him a little wary. The other boy nods tilting his head.

Harry hesitantly takes the apple. Carefully inspecting it a soft drawl comes from his sudden companion.

"Its not poisoned."


"The apple. It's not poison." the boy replies matter fact. "So what's your name?"

Harry blinks getting the other to sigh muttering, "Please don't be like that buffoon, Thor."

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Old Request list

Alice in Wonderland

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Ben 10

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Courage the Cowardly Dog

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D.N Angel

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Danny Phantom

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Karin/Chibi Vampire
Annoying Brother and Wonderful Boyfriend, Sesshomaru/Karin
Dark Knight, Ren/Joey
Can you, Yukina/Kagome
Wish upon a star, Kag/Kikyou
White man, Koccoum/John Smith

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B.W & S

In the world, people with ancestry of creature bloodlines have been both feared and worshipped. At a time, there were many of different creatures like youkais, shapeshifters, vampires, giants, veelas and more around the earth. Than more due to fear, an uprising of humans start diminishing the numbers down to a critical number. Those creatures had no choice but to take on humans for mates to help bring the numbers back. Do to this a new half human-creature been formed known to half--bloods or in other places hanyous. Despite the dilution of the main blood, both in human and creature societies they been deemed abnormal or worthless.

There been many fearing these half-bloods would loose control and go mad depending their ancestral bloodline is. That opinion begin to change in japan, where a girl gone into a past and face the very beginnings of humans and creatures mixing together. Wither her story it end a lot of rumors there. Though that is a completely different story from this one.
sive in the relationship.