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B. W & S

Summary: Finding out he's a mate to a distrustful and wary Veela that gives an impression of being a loner, Harry has  a feeling he's over his head. He isn't sure where to start especially with this bonding mate causes urges to be fulfilled but he's not ready for that or Draco is either. How much up and downs can he go through at Hogwarts Academy. Life never seems to be complicated for Harry until the day he meet Draco and things change completely. Is this going to be a failure from the start?  Other than rumors of the sister school may merge later on.


Au-Modern Day/High School/Supernatural, language, ooc, hurt! Draco, Abused/Loner Draco, Switch, Veela! Draco, Pre-slash, past Het, ocs, Alive Potters, cruel Lucius, motherly Narcissa, mating bond, wing fic, slash, possible lemon/smut, child abuse, creatures, trust issues

Tags: creature bloodlines, harry, harry potter, hogwarts academy, midori shikon academy, veela, veela draco

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