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Old Request list

Alice in Wonderland

Teacup, Alice/Mad Hatter

Ben 10

College Pop Question, Kevin/Ben
College Acceptance Kevin/Ben
A Friend or Lover, Ben/Kevin

Codename: Kids Next Door

Almost Miss Chance, Kuki/Wally
Puppy Love, Kuki/Wally
Bright Star Kiss, Kuki/Nigel
Be Mine, Kuki/Nigel
Knight, Kuki/Wally,
Human Reaper, Nigel/Grim

Courage the Cowardly Dog

Reasons Behind the mask, Fox/Courage
Home, Katz/Courage

D.N Angel

Feathery Love, Dark/Daisuke
Darkness, Dark/Danny
Finger Tapping, Ryoma/Dark
Windbreaker, Dark/Joey

Danny Phantom

Phantom’s Vampire, Danny/Ren
Meeting Sebastian, Sebastain/Danny
Been There, Timmy/Danny
Blue eyes, Draco/Danny
Boy, Vegeta/Danny
Check Yes or No, Tom R./Danny
Crazy Prison, Anti-cosmo/Danny
Crush Problems, Vlad/Danny
Danny’s Savior, Danny/Vlad
Date, Phantom/Danny
Little Badger, Vlad/Danny
Moaner or Screamer & Norm’s Pet Norm/Danny
Perverted Boss and I, Vlad/Harry
Rock Me, Sebastian/Danny
Suprises, Ghost Writer/Danny/Vlad
Teardrops, Dash/Danny
The Kiss, Vlad/Danny
Valentine Date, Ghost Writer/Danny
White Rose, Vlad/Ryoma
Writer’s Muse, Ghost Writer/Danny

Dragon Ball Z

Anniversary Gift, Turles/Goku
Feeling, Yamacha/Goku
Halloween Party, Trunks/Gohan
He’s Mine, Vegeta/Ryoma
His Return, Goku/Turles
Hope for Love, Turles/Goku
Let me in, Gohan/Trunks
Lucky, Trunks/Gohan
Mine, vegeta/Goku
Mine not yours, Trunks/Harry
Saiyan’s way, Raditz/Goku
Silly Kakarot, Goku/Vegeta
Simple, Seto/Vegeta
Snow Angel, Bardock/Goku
Tail Twitch, Brolly/Goku
Threaten the Dursley, Vegeta/Harry
Warrior’s Princess, Vegeta/Serena

Grim Adventures

Blessing, Grim/Mandy
Child Free, Grim/Skarr
Weird Meeting, Grim/Skarr
Warmth, Nergal/Grim
Santa kiss the grim reaper, Boogey/Grim,
Simple kiss, Grim/boogey
Idiots, Nergal/Grim/Boogey,
Say it, Nergal Jr./Grim
Reunion, How to Tell, Dumb fools, Grim/Boogie
Love you bear, Grim/Mandy
Letter to you, boogey/grim
Flower kiss, boogey/grim
Savior, Grim

Harry Potter

Damn Cheeky Brat, Snarry
Locket, Blaise/Harry
Tempting Pleasure, Tom/Harry
Chocolate, Salazar/Harry/Severus
Confession to Lion, Drarry
Hot Chocolate Musing, Lily/Severus
Cupcake, Tom/Harry
Dark Lord’s Tears, Voldemort/Harry
Snow Flakes, Salazar Riddle/Harry
Sleepover, Salazar Riddle/Harry
Sick Valentine, Blaise/Harry
Ball Gown, Lucius/Harry
Duke Tape, Sev/Harry/Voldemort
Red and Silver Box, Tom/Harry/Draco
Albus’s Lies, Tom/Harry
Both of you, Sev/Harry/Lucius
Daddy’s girl, Draco/Serena
Baby Crib, Seiya/Serena & Drarry
Stolen First Kiss, Salem/Harry
Valentine Heart, Butch/Harry
Business Associate & Job Offer, Giovanni/Harry
Cutie, James/Harry
Boyfriend, Harry/Gary
Café Meeting, Draco/Joey
Protectors, Atemu/Harry/Seto
I chose you,  Drao/Joey
Memory, harry/Peg
Blanket war, Seto/Harry/Duke
Un expected Lessons, Hp/Seto
Rose Petals, Youko/Harry
Scars, Taka/Harry
Cuddle, Kovu/Harry,
Green Eyes, Kovu/Harry
Little brother, Sebastian/Harry
Vampire Promise, Ren/Harry
Fluffy Ears, Inuyasha/Harry
Diamond in the rough, Inu/Hp
Wolf’s heart, Inu/hp
Kid Mate
Dog General’s prince, Hp/Inu
Mate’s call InuHp
Dream or reality InuHP
Wolf Princes, Inuhp
Scary Proposal, Kag/Draco
Grateful, InuHp
Inuyoukai’s mate, inuhp
Miko and the dragon inuhp
Wolf child, inuhp

Karin/Chibi Vampire
Annoying Brother and Wonderful Boyfriend, Sesshomaru/Karin
Dark Knight, Ren/Joey
Can you, Yukina/Kagome
Wish upon a star, Kag/Kikyou
White man, Koccoum/John Smith


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